Monday, November 29, 2010

Who knew eating could be so hard?

For me, eating is the hardest part of the health equation. I've always enjoyed working out, so while I do have to motivate myself, I really do get into it once I get started. On the nutrition side, however, I am very challenged. I tend to eat healthy foods, but it's the portions that tend to get me into trouble. It is hard for all of us in our current culture, since food portions have grown over the past decades. I just like to eat, and I always liked to eat in quantity and with frequency. I have had to really work on eating smaller portions, and eating less frequenty. One of the tools I have found helpful is to keep track of my daily calories. I've known about this for years, of course, but I never wanted to do it. Now it's so easy to just do it on line, and that does streamline the process. You can keep track of calories eaten over different periods of time, and also track carbohydrates vs. proteins, etc. There is certainly no lack of information out there! Tracking my calories, bottom line, just keeps me honest! I have my calorie goal for the day, and as I go I can see how close I am getting. I often also try to 'cushion' my goal amount with up to 200 calories, just to allow for the bite or two extra of things here and there... that do add up!
Once I had that part figured out, I worked backwards to plan my meals and snacks. Since I know the evening is most difficult for me, I carefully plan my day to allow me for a few more calories in the evening - but not too late in the evening!
These are just a few of the tricks in my bag... stay tuned for another blog!

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