Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Just say NO! to winter blues...

Winter.... OK, let's face it, it starts with fall. For me, it starts with the end of Daylight Savings. One week I'm floating along on the post-summer wave, the next, BOOM! energy is zapped! It's really like clockwork. People blame it on the holidays, the parties, the unhealthy food, the stress...I really think it's the cold and the DARK, especially the dark. Did I mention I live in Seattle? That's latitude 47°36′35″N, my doctor says even if we were all to run around naked outside all day (jeez would THAT be cold!), we STILL wouldn't get enough vitamin D.
So I do everything and anything to postpone it, to get through it, to keep my spirits up. Hmmm....let's see, what's on my list? Exercising, puzzling, having fun with Christmas (well, it gets me through December), taking vitamin D, drinking my energy shake, winter sports, avoiding carbs....and what else? I think I need a thousand more! All of these things help, but sometimes I STILL feel sucked back in. Today is a good day. I also have to remember, as my mom says, 'this too shall pass'. So, when I'm having a draggy, energy-sucked-from-my-body, I-could-sleep-all-day kind of day, I must still follow my list of preventative measures, 'else the dangerous domino effect begins...
So I must stay strong. I must say NO! to the winter blues.

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